PMP Sample Exam 6

PMP Sample Exam 6

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An agile team has been performing at an extremely high level and pace, receiving praise from stakeholders and customers. A portfolio manager has asked the team to start a community of practice (COP) for the organization. The team members voted unanimously against this because of the intense time commitment. Instead, they offer an open invitation to anyone to attend their retrospectives.

Which two statements describe this team’s reaction to the portfolio manager? (Choose 2)

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A project team needs to decide whether to retrofit a fleet of bicycles as e-bikes instead of buying brand new ones. The agile coach conducts a group exercise.

Review the notes on the whiteboard:

Retrofit old bikes
• 60% probability of success with a profit of US$50,000
• 40% chance it will lose US$50,000

Buy new bikes
• 50% chance of profit greater than US$25,000
• 50% chance of cost recovery

What is this project team doing?

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An agile team is prioritizing user stories for an app that helps people adopt dogs. After considering the impact on the project's scope, budget, and timeline, the team decides to exclude one user story because it is too complex to implement for the app's first release. The product owner believes this specific user story will give the app an early competitive advantage over the current market leader.

How should this project team and product owner work together to make the best decision?

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The project sponsor, the CEO of a construction company, hires a project manager to lead and establish project management best practices. The company has a global project involving highly technically skilled teams in different countries who tried to create a project charter, but the document is not adequate.

Which two actions should the project manager take first? (Choose 2)

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An agile team sometimes uses an open workspace inside an otherwise quiet office. One afternoon, a giant screen is set up and customers are invited to a presentation. Approximately 1 hour later, the team is laughing and cheering so loudly that the entire office comes to see what is going on.

Which event is taking place here?

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A project manager in a nonprofit organization is working with the procurement department to identify new startup companies to bid for a major new project. The organization is committed to working with startup companies because of its public funding stream. However, in the past, many of these bid applications have contained unrealistic budgets because of the startups’ inexperience or higher costs because of the small size of their operation.

What should the project manager do?

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An oil and gas plant construction project had been progressing on schedule and within budget. Six months into the project, the company owner visits the site for a formal tour. After the tour, the owner asks the project manager to replace the edifice of the office building with marble—an expensive cosmetic change! Even though the project manager explained to the owner that this work would escalate the cost of the project and might delay completion, the owner insisted on using the marble.

What should the project manager do?

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A company is contracted to manufacture oil storage tanks for a construction project. According to the latest project report, the tanks are missing a venting system, as required by international industry standards. The project manager seeks advice from the company’s operations supervisor, who states that this will have an adverse effect on the quality of the product.

What should the project manager do to correct the situation?

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Two weeks after taking on a leadership role in a project, a project manager has completed the project team and key stakeholder analysis. Now they want to show the team how to organize a project and learn about project management. Training the team in project management is a high priority for stakeholders, especially the CEO.

Which action should the project manager perform next?

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The latest progress reports indicate that a software development project is within tolerance and forecasted to be completed on time and on budget. The product owner requests a change to the agreed specification, which will require significant rework of completed work packages and the introduction of new work. Although the reasons for the change are justifiable, the project manager is concerned about schedule and budget impacts.

Which action should be taken first?

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A large, valuable sculpture in a big city needs to be moved safely from one location to another. This is project A, which must be done before project B, the city’s largest infrastructure project, can begin. After a 2-week delay, the project managers meet. Project manager A announces another 6 months and US$900,000 will be needed to remove the sculpture and success cannot be guaranteed.

What should project manager B do?

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A project manager in a software company is working on a highly confidential project. One developer often works late and carries a large bag to work daily. The project manager learns that the developer’s brother-in-law works for a competitor company, and they have been meeting for lunch.

What should the project manager do first?

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An agile project team is joined by a newly hired team member who is highly skilled but has only worked on predictive project teams. After working with the team for 1 month, the project team has scheduled a product demo with the client, an external customer. The client gives direct and passionate feedback: “This mechanism is overcomplicated. Customers won’t like it. We can’t support it. Start over!” The new team member begins crying and immediately exits the room.

How should the project team react?

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A product development team composed of one product owner and several global team members, all working virtually, has several projects in progress. A team member finishes a project and, in an attempt to help the team, they execute a product launch and closes a project on their own, without notifying the product owner or any other team member. After closure, the team member emails the whole team a list of lessons learned and quality improvements to be implemented across the portfolio.

Which two actions should the project team take to improve team communication? (Choose 2)

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A project team has recently implemented a software system to replace some of an organization’s internal manual processes. Although training has already taken place, some end users are resistant to the change and prefer the old manual methods.

Which two actions should the project manager take to ensure the new software is adopted by all users and that the transition is smooth? (Choose 2)

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A project manager is assigned to lead an organization’s first project using agile development approaches. To prepare, the project manager sketches some initial plans and notes some concerns, which include resource and talent management and who can help lead the effort.

Which team member or stakeholder should lead this project?

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A national beautification program is underway. One project—to remove the “locks of love” (padlocks fastened by couples in love) from the side of a 200-year-old bridge—is highly controversial. The locks are speeding up the destruction of the bridge railings, which is a safety concern, but thousands of people have been protesting the removal every weekend, shutting down city streets and creating bad publicity. Protests have become global, as a social media campaign shows thousands of tourists visiting the city are also angry about the removal.

What should the project manager do?

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Ten years ago, a family inherited a 140-acre estate but since then have only argued about what to do with it. Now, they must act within 24 months to avoid financial penalties for dereliction. The estate lawyer engages a development company with a project manager to find a solution. The project manager hosts a discovery and fact-finding meeting and hears the following viewpoints:

• Stakeholder F wants to restore the derelict building to preserve historical value.
• Stakeholders P and Q want to demolish the building, then build and sell houses.
• Stakeholder B wants to split the property among the family.
• The lawyer reemphasizes the timeline.

Which two steps should the project manager take first? (Choose 2)

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A newly appointed project manager is reviewing documents and realizes the business case contains incomplete information. What should the project manager do next?

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A new project manager is asked to help a project sponsor create a project charter for the first time. After looking through the project documents provided by the project sponsor and the business stakeholders, the project manager creates a draft and is nearly ready to share it with the stakeholders and the project team.

Which additional step should the project manager take to ensure the project charter is ready?

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A project to catalog a knowledge base has been rejected several times. The work is now unavoidable, but the company has limited resources to complete it. A project manager has recorded a long list of quality defects of varying degrees of importance and criticality, which cause the stakeholders to be concerned.

Which tool or technique should the project manager use to approach the task of dealing with the defects?

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A software development project using a hybrid development approach has a fixed budget of US$500,000. During the execution phase, a project team lead has been tracking the costs and posting the actual cost (AC) and planned cost (PC) amounts on an information radiator. The project team notices that this trend has continued for the last 3 months, with the variance growing steeper during the last month. They plan to discuss the budget at the next retrospective.

What should the project team do?

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A project team is developing a new e-commerce website for an IT project. The project is facing several technical issues that are affecting progress, including multiple code corrections caused by poor quality of coding. The deliverables have been negatively impacted.

In which three ways should the project team address these issues? (Choose 3)

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A project to build a large resort-style swimming pool is in the execution stage. The project manager notices that team members are using different units of measurement to monitor project progress: some report completion of work in hours, some in days, and others note the percent complete. This is causing confusion.

What should the project manager do to prevent this from happening again?

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A project was discontinued because of severe resource limitations 3 years ago. Now the project sponsor insists that it should be restarted and offers a budget but no staff. The other stakeholders agree the business needs the work to be done but cannot allocate any of their staff members to do the work. Despite this, a project manager has been assigned to the project. The project manager is given 3 weeks to review the original project artifacts and report on recommendations to the project management office (PMO) so the project can be prioritized within the business portfolio.

In which two ways should the project manager approach this situation? (Choose 2)

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Every year, from May to October, a ski resort closes to undertake a project to inspect the surrounding mountain trails and repair the ski lifts before reopening. The date is now 15 September. The project manager wants to know how much more money to allocate to the project budget to meet the completion date of 31 October.

Which method or metric should the project manager use?

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Three project team members request long leave of absence. Two team members are studying for a major exam and the other has a family emergency. Their project roles are very similar, and the project is critical to the business.

What should the project manager do?

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A project manager is replaced during the execution stage of a project. During a handover meeting, the departing project manager introduces the new project manager to the project sponsor and the project team. The new project manager asks who the supportive stakeholders are, but no one knows the answer.

What should the new project manager do?

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A company is considering a project to improve its IT infrastructure. The project team wants to identify the assumptions, constraints, risks, and issues.

Categorize the assumption, constraint, risk, and issue correctly.

A. The unique server used by the team is out of service from 8:00 a.m. this morning.
B. Negotiations conducted last week by the management team with our partner resulted in an agreement to register a budget of US$50,000 in the next quarter for IT infrastructure upgrades to avoid this type of server failure.
C. The project may be delayed due to possible loss of data due to sudden shutdown of the server during its failure.
D. Development work on the main project deliverable is struggling to move forward due to the limited capacity of the current development infrastructure.

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During the risk management planning process for a software development project, a project team identifies a high-risk item related to the integration of a new third-party tool into the system. The team has identified a contingency plan, but it is expensive and may impact on the project budget.

What should the project manager do next?

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A new project manager begins work on a project started last year to renovate a busy airport terminal. Even though the project uses a hybrid development approach—making incremental updates to the terminal—it has encountered many issues, specially creating conflicts with airport operations. The new project manager asks the project team about how they typically handle problems and risks, but no one has a clear answer.

What should the project manager do first?

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A business-critical project is in danger of missing a deadline in 15 days and failing. The team lead escalates the issue to management and is given the option of adding an unknown resource for the next 2 weeks or reprioritizing the backlog. The project team asks the product owner to reprioritize the backlog.

Why is this the best choice?

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Midway through a project in a large organization, a project sponsor has left and been replaced by a senior department manager who is already a project stakeholder. The project manager is concerned because the department manager is not answering emails in a timely manner.

How should the project manager respond?

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A project sponsor announces their retirement and informs the project manager that they will be replaced by two company managers. The project sponsor says: “These two managers work together closely, so the transition should be seamless.”

What should the project manager do next?

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An oil and gas company is redesigning their oil storage tanks to meet updated international industry standards. A vendor is contracted to perform the work. During the latest inspection, a critical flaw is detected in the tank venting systems.

The vendor states this is a design flaw, and they notified the team lead 3 weeks ago to inspect the tanks, but they did not perform the inspection. The vendor kept working, using the designs they were given, to meet the next milestone. The team lead says the inspection was not on schedule.

What should the project manager do first?

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A project manager is responsible for a software development project, and the project team has been using a predictive approach. However, due to changing requirements and customer needs, the project team has decided to adopt an agile approach.

Which three actions should the project manager take to ensure a smooth transition from a predictive to an agile approach and that the team adapts well? (Choose 3)

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A project manager is ready to kick off a new construction project. The stakeholders are all enthusiastic about the project, but their varied opinions about the project are causing some problems. Most stakeholders want to use the reliable milestone-based predictive approach the company has always used, whereas others want to try an agile approach to move work along faster.

What should the project manager do?

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A project manager has subcontracted some technically challenging work to a vendor. The vendor has delivered the subcontracted work as per the technical specifications mentioned in the contract. Still, the project manager is not satisfied with the deliverables produced because they are not exactly what was required.

Which two actions should the project manager take first? (Choose 2)

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A large construction project to renovate a landmark building in a highly populated area has received significant media attention due to its potential impact on the local community. Several stakeholders, including community leaders, local politicians, and environmental groups, have expressed concerns about the project's potential impact.

Which approach should the project manager take to complete this project successfully?

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A large utility company is using a hybrid approach to update their customer service software platform. The project has entered the testing phase, and the project team has identified several defects in the system. An expert joins the project to troubleshoot the defects. An investigation finds that incomplete requirements gathering and poor communication between project team members and stakeholders have caused the defects.

What should this project team record as lessons learned from this situation?

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A project is undergoing major restructuring, which includes recruiting a new project manager. Halfway through the restructuring, the project sponsor has approved the assessment report and confirmed the short-term actions and scope of changes required to address the many project issues.

What should the new project manager do next?

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A project stakeholder thinks they are being helpful by sharing a lot of negative customer feedback emails. This feedback is often difficult to understand and written in raw, verbatim form or without any context. After 2 weeks of receiving these emails almost every day, one project team member is frustrated and becomes angry and vocal at work.

Which three actions should the project team take? (Choose 3)

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A project team has deprioritized capturing lessons learned for two sprints now and just continues working. What should the project manager do first?

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A project team is moving a large sculpture from one part of a city to another. Since this is the first time the team has performed this kind of work, hazard specialists were contracted to oversee risk and compliance planning and advise the project team during the project.

Which three actions should the project manager take to lead this combined team successfully? (Choose 3)

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An agile coach is facilitating a discussion about servant leadership in the retrospective. During the session, the team members ask many questions.

Which one of these questions will the agile coach answer with "yes"?

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A company that manufactures and sells plastic containers is working on their latest product catalog. To comply with European laws, the photographs in the children's products sections should not consist of more than 20% images of candy and processed foods and should consist of at least 80% images of fruits and vegetables. As the project team reviews the photographs before the final printing, they identify one photograph that clearly does not comply with the law.

Which activity was the project team performing during the catalog review and which activities should they perform in the future to avoid this issue from repeating?

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Tragedy strikes on a project to restore a bus terminal and modernize the service. An unexpected natural disaster has damaged the site and surrounding city. The project team, watching from a safe location 250 kilometers away, is in emergency response mode.

What should the project team do next?

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A project to upgrade a company’s human resources (HR) application is being planned. Since the work is a custom-designed application, the project team wants to use an agile approach. The product owner selects a go-live date which the project team believes is unreasonable without overtime work.

What should the project team do?

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A project team is reviewing a budget early in a project and is surprised at the great cost variances. At the next retrospective, the team focuses on the budget problem and determines the current funding will be insufficient because all vendors have significantly increased their prices.

What should the project team do next?

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An agile project team is using scrum methods. A previously unidentified risk has occurred and threatens the current release.

What should the scrum master do?

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