PMOBytes has developed QPunch product as a Smart Project Management application which will leverage the use of latest technologies to enhance effectiveness, transparency and efficiency within the construction project management processes.

QPunch aims to make the project processes simpler using latest technology; removing deficiencies and improving timely completions. We are currently in the development stage, to enhance the project closure punch process, which holds the project completion. Delays within this punch process impacts directly on project end dates.

The QPunch solution will create the following values for end users using the product:

●    It will provide process transparency to have a clear understanding of each transaction’s status

●    It will also provide a mechanism to have traceability of work completed

●    It will have an efficient payment cycle with the improvement of the processes

●    The solution will also provide environment benefits due to its digital nature

●    It will help in avoiding overall project delays and cost

●    It will have a backend to store secured information which is only exposed to trusted parties.

●    It will provide ease of use with the user-friendly interface

●    It provides efficient inspection by providing more accurate walkthroughs

●    It enables enhance reporting, reports in PDF format to inform status quo.

●    It provides paperless surveys, you can upload all required drawings in the system

●    It provides effective collaboration with Instant assignment of issues

●    It will provide End to End Integration by collecting on-site data while on-site

●    Qpunch application will allow to tag issues onsite using augmented reality

●    Qpunch will work seamlessly with any existing project management tools

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