CAPM Sample Exam 1

CAPM Sample Exam 1

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Rizwan’s project is behind schedule, but it needs to be delivered by a certain date. She requests additional resources to complete the project faster. Which of the following terms is this an example of?

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Paralingual communication pertains to the way that the pitch and tone of a voice convey meaning.

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Calvin Butterball is working as a Project Manager at the Half-Baked Ham Company. One day, he realizes that his last status report to the project’s stakeholders contains a serious mistake. According to the Code of Professional Conduct, what concept best represents the situation at hand, and what should Calvin do?

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Caroline is managing a project at The Forrester Company. In the project charter she helped draft, it’s noted that Systems A and B are assumed to be the only systems impacted; however, it comes to light several weeks later that System C is also impacted. Which statement is correct about this particular situation?

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David was in the middle of his procurement management process when he realized he was missing organizational process assets. Which is an example of an organizational process asset?

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Which of the following is not recommended as it tends to take the focus off of meeting the client’s intended requirements?

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What is true of corrective action?

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True or false: Project manager alone creates the WBS.

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What is mutual exclusivity?

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Dave, the Project Manager has just recently received the Statement of Work he was awaiting from Bill. Which best describes Bill’s role in the project?

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True or False: A work authorization system is always required by PMI standards.

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True or false: According to the PMBOK, legitimate power is always the best way to get someone to do some work.

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Patrick, a Project Manager at the Ponzi Financial Services firm, is staffed on a key strategic project and is privy to the firm’s client information. His manager Bernie has asked him to keep the information confidential. What would be considered an inappropriate use of Patrick’s access to information according to the Code?

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Which set of standards does a project manager typically have the least control over?

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True or false: Specific percentage of each budget should be reserved by management.

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