Effective Communications Workshop

This course gives participants an understanding of the factors that contribute to effective communication in a variety of business situations. Provides a solid foundation and interpersonal soft skills for enhancing relationships, especially within a workplace environment. It covers aspects of leadership skills with being productive with teams and skills to resolve business conflicts in a positive manner.

Learning Journey

Workshop will cover the following five aspects of Effective Communications in a practical way for the Participants to understand, explore and materialize their learning journey into real life application.

Course Duration and Agenda: 1 Day workshop

  • Introductions
  • Activity: Email Best Practices
  • Communication Process
  • Communication in common situations 
  • How to be a Good Communicator?
  • Importance of Active Listening.
  • Communications in challenging situations.
  • Seven Ways of Effective Communication.
  • Game time.
  • Importance of being a good leader
  • Manager Vs Leader
  • Activity
  • Concepts
  • Case Study
  • Activity
  • 7 Principles of being productive
  • Case Study
  • Activity
  • Quiz
  • Review and Discussions
  • Summary and Conclusions

Who Should Attend?

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