P3.express® Project Management

P3.express is a minimalist, practical project management system that is used in many different types of projects all over the world. The system is designed to be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach.

P3.express is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and available under a Creative Commons license.

Why P3.express?

Despite the existence of fundamental systems such as PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, most projects are run intuitively, without the help of a structured project management system. This is the case because the fundamental standards, while invaluable, are too complex for normal projects. Imagine all the people who use Excel. What happens if you replace Excel with a programming language? Most people won’t be able to use it, and they will be left without a tool, even though a programming language is more capable than Excel. The fundamental project management systems are all like programming languages, and what people need most in projects is something like Excel. P3.express is that simple tool that most people can use.

There’s no basic level of certification or Foundation level, because P3.express is designed to be easy to learn. There will not be an intermediate level for learning the terminology without being able to use the system.

P3.express is designed to implement. It is, above all, a practical project management system.

That’s why P3.express is:

·        Easy to learn

·        Easy to use

·        Easy to teach

How does P3.express work?

P3.express uses a cyclical system to make the activities simpler and more regular. There are monthly, weekly, and daily cycles, each of which focused on one aspect of managerial activities. Each of the 33 activities has a simple description with a clear purpose and output; those include interesting activities such as peer-reviews and various types of focused communication. In addition to the cycles, there’s a project initiation activity group run at the beginning, and a project closure group at the end.

Finally, there’s a post-project management group: a cycle run after the project is finished, to evaluate the benefits. Besides the process, there are 4 documents in P3.express, containing a simple form of all information required for a minimalist, yet effective way of managing projects. One of those documents is a relatively unique concept that doesn’t have an exact equivalent in other systems and supports specific activities required in modern projects. P3.express uses a simple process, as shown in the diagram. This process consists of 33 management activities in 7 groups.

Instructor Details

  • 18 years of Professional Project Management Experience
  • Authorized Trainer for PMP, PRINCE2 and DevOps
  • Authorized Trainer for PMI-ACP (Agile)
  • Certified in P3.express, PMP, PRINCE2, PMI- ACP, MSP, ITIL and ISO Auditing from BSI
  • MBA in MIS (Management of Information systems)
  • Worked in some of the Mega Projects and Programs (Google, Microsoft Data center Implementation and Mshereib Smart City) in Qatar
  • CEO & Founder of PMOBytes
  • Author of Overcoming Project Management problems published on Google books, Amazon, GRIN etc. in multiple languages

Course Syllabus

  • About PMOBytes
  • What is P3.express
  • Nearly Universal Principles of Projects

A01 – Appoint the sponsor
A02 – Appoint the project manager
A03 – Appoint the key team members
A04 – Describe the project
A05 – Identify and plan the deliverables
A06 – Identify risks and plan responses
A07 – Have project initiation peer-reviewed
A08 – Make a go/no-go decision
A09 – Kick off the project
A10 – Conduct a focused communication

B01 – Revise and refine the plans
B02 – Have the monthly cycle peer-reviewed
B03 – Make a go/no-go decision
B04 – Kick off the monthly cycle
B05 – Conduct a focused communication

C01 – Measure and report performance
C02 – Plan responses for deviations
C03 – Kick off the weekly cycle
C04 – Conduct a focused communication

D01 – Manage risks, issues, and change requests
D02 – Accept completed deliverables

E01 – Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
E02 – Capture lessons and plan for improvements
E03 – Conduct a focused communication

F01 – Hand over the product
F02 – Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
F03 – Have the closing activity group peer-reviewed
F04 – Archive the project documents
F05 – Celebrate!
F06 – Conduct a focused communication

G01 – Evaluate the benefits
G02 – Generate new ideas
G03 – Conduct a focused communication
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Course Delivery Options

Physical ClassroomVirtual ClassIndividual Virtual ClassE-learning
Location in QatarOnline TutorDedicated Online TutorSelf Paced Learning with Exams
16 Hours 16 Hours 16 Hours Access for 1 year
3-4 hours per week for one month duration10 sessions Agreed Pre-booked sessions 24/7 from Registration
  • QPunch Premium 1 year subscription
  • Exam Vouchers
  • E-manual for P3.express