ITIL4 - CDS Sample 2

ITIL4 - CDS Sample 2

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An organization has a value stream for the creation of new services. The value stream is initiated by the customer requirements and ends with the applications being ready for deployment. Customers have complained that they have to wait too long for the services.

Which is the BEST way to improve the value stream?

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What is ESSENTIAL for effective collaboration between two teams?

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Which tool is MOST likely to be used to automate workflows, as well as communicate with stakeholders?

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Which concept enables organizations to coordinate and combine activities from multiple suppliers in a value stream?

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An organization has received feedback from users that their experience when creating tickets for incidents and service requests is impersonal.

Which is the BEST improvement to make in response to this feedback?

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An organization has selected a vendor based in a country far away from the organization's principal country.

Which is this an example of?

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An organization wants to create a consolidated set of requirements from its stakeholders for a new tool. The organization is in the process of rating and prioritizing each requirement to determine the importance of each one.

Which concept or approach would BEST assist the organization in making these decisions?

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An organization has established a continual improvement register and a simple process for collecting employee feedback. Over time, the organization has found that its employees have become hesitant to suggest improvements.

Which is MOST LIKELY the reason for the employees’ hesitation?

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An IT team in a large multinational organization wants to document the work they do by using value streams.

What should they do FIRST?

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A service desk team uses a collaboration tool to work with subject matter experts (SMEs). The tool notifies relevant SMEs that their assistance is needed. The team can then collaborate with the responding SMEs in real time to resolve incidents more quickly.

What is this an example of?

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Which TWO are reasons why an organization would choose to buy a product from a supplier instead of building it in house?

1. The organization's processes for creating the product are immature

2. The work required to create the product is predictable and repetitive

3. The creation of the product relies on knowledge held by the organization's staff

4. The compliance to standards and policies is essential

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A user logged an incident using chat, and was put through to a service desk agent on the phone. The agent asked all the same questions that the user had already provided answers to by chat.

What tool or technique would BEST help to avoid this situation?

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An organization manages the support of its services by using established procedures. However, there have been many complaints from support staff that these established procedures prevent them from being creative when resolving complex incidents.

Which approach would help to improve this situation?

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Which is an example of swarming?

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What form of organizational structure arranges resources based on control, lines of authority or technical domain?

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An organization is documenting its value streams to help communication and collaboration.

Which is an example of a complete value stream?

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A support team has deployed a fix for an incident and is verifying that it has been resolved.

Which is an example of the value stream contribution made by the 'service level management' practice at this step in the value stream?

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Which approach enables a greater proportion of incidents to be resolved by frontline staff, rather than by second-line staff?

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Which is a characteristic of CI/CD?

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How does 'design thinking' recommend that initial user requirements for a new service should be established?

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An organization intends to improve the quality of support of its services. It recognizes that some ways of working are not focused on creating value.

Which is an example of a working practice which the organization should STOP?

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A service uses many different servers, and it can continue to operate when some of them have failed. One server has failed, with no impact on services, and a technician is working to restore the server to normal operations.

How should the technician document the work they are doing?

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An organization measures the performance of its service desk staff by the number of incidents they resolve, and the average time taken to resolve incidents.

Which is the BEST additional measurement for the service desk staff?

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Which is part of applying the 'shift-left' approach?

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An organization wants to ensure that its vendors fulfil the responsibilities defined in their contracts as they deliver, stage and install IT equipment in a new building. This includes ensuring that the status of the equipment and any related documentation is captured in the organization’s configuration management system.

What would MOST help the vendors to fulfil their responsibilities?

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An organization has experienced many changes to its IT environments, such as some services being moved to the public cloud and other services being implemented and changed by automated pipelines. The organization is concerned about how its 'change enablement' practice should operate for new services.

Which is the BEST approach to take?

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An organization is working with its partners to develop a proof of concept for a new service. The proof of concept will enable the organization to collect fast feedback from the customer and to verify the customer's requirements.

Which concept is being applied?

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An organization is documenting value streams for the first time.

How should the organization put together a value stream for the resolution of an incident which affects users?

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A support team uses weighted shortest job first (WSJF) to prioritize their work.

Which task should they work on next?

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An organization is developing a value stream for maintaining and improving a service and is planning the involvement of the 'service validation and testing' practice. It is critical that updates do not affect the reliability of the service. Functional tests will be included in all test phases and these have already been added to the plan.

Which 'service validation and testing' activity is missing from this plan?

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An organization has a large population of employees who are near retirement age. The organization is concerned that these employees’ experience will be lost when they leave the organization. In the context of the socialization, externalization, combination, internalization (SECI) model, which TWO approaches should this organization take?

1. Convert the employees’ tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge
2. Ensure that vendor solutions are available as knowledge articles
3. Convert the employees' explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge
4. Transfer the employees' explicit knowledge to others in the organization

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Which is an example of how the 'problem management' practice contributes to a value stream for user support?

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An IT department has limited staff available for fulfilling service requests. Additional staff are not available and the organization wants to implement a short-term solution to manage demand during busy periods.

Which is the BEST method they could use to manage demand?

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Which focuses on listening to and acknowledging customers and their needs?

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A financial organization is developing a new mobile app. There are many stakeholders who cannot agree on what features are needed.

What development approach is MOST appropriate for this situation?

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Which will help create a good team culture?

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An organization is designing a value stream for the restoration of live service to a user. They have agreed that the value stream will be initiated by a request from a user, and documented the steps through to restoration of the service.

What should they do next?

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A service provider is planning to provide a new set of cloud based hosting services to external users. The service provider is developing a workforce planning strategy and has already identified:

• the emerging technologies required by the hosting services
• the leadership and organizational changes required.

Which other consideration should be included in the strategy?

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Which concept assists with the automation of processes which are repetitive, high-volume, and based on simple decision-making rules?

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How does an information model provide value to an organization?

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