PMP Sample Exam 1

PMP Sample Exam 1

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At what point does the project have the most stakeholder influence, the highest probability of failure, and the lowest cost and staffing levels?

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The forecasted amount of project spending for the remainder of the project is:

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Jane is expressing concern about one of the team members’, john’s, work on the project. she says that john is not making action items a priority or returning emails and phone calls. what is your best action?

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You have distributed the preliminarily agreed schedule for the CrM implementation project to stakeholders. After your presentation to senior management, the development team involved in your project informs you of a few substantial activities that are necessary for the project, which unfortunately were left out of the schedule plans. how should you handle this situation?

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Your project management team is determining the requirements for a project. your team includes sMEs and others who can be very vocal and a bit controlling. you want to hold a productive session to collect initial requirements and arrive at a group consensus without the opinions of a few dominating the session. which group creativity technique is your best option?

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At a regular status meeting, team members are blaming each other for the delays. The project is running well behind schedule. someone bursts out that it is your fault—as project manager— for not properly planning and for providing unclear, incomplete direction. you are offended. what is your best course of action?

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What are the most common sources of conflict within a project?

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Regardless of its size, cost, and impact, every project needs a project management plan to be able to deliver the project to the customer. It is the responsibility of a project manager to pull together this plan. what type of analytical skills does a project manager require to accomplish this task successfully?

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A project activity has a three-point estimate of thirty-two days. The next scheduled activity must start on Day 30. what should you do?

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Larry works for a firm that has an IT system. The system requires continuous updating and maintenance. he is handling this ongoing activity, in addition to other responsibilities. his assignment is best described as

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As a project manager for a small telecommunications project, you notice a flaw in the requirements document. You have a solution, which can resolve this flaw. What action should you take next?

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You are hired as a project manager. What approach should you take in managing your first project?

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The project’s EV is $295,000. The AC is $340,000 and the PV is $308,000. What is the cost variance for the project?

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What can you tell from the following Pareto Chart?

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While working on a project, sponsor requested a change, provided details of the new request and identified the work package, which can be replaced. However, due to project management standards, you still need to put in a change request. Change management plan should include the following activities, except:

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The operations manager informs you of defects occurring on the assembly line. She presents a flowchart of the current process aligned to the portion your team is redesigning. Her suggestion is to speed up production to control the defect rate. What action should you take next?

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The Genesis project is complete and you are compiling your final performance report. The budget was $842,000 and your actual costs were $839,000. Which statement is most accurate?

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Which one of the following statements is true for the graph below?

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What is a project manager’s primary role while executing a project or phase?

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The iDoodle project is six months into production. A team member notices during a brainstorming session that the procedure other project team members are using is very inefficient. He informs you about this and you agree that the procedure should change to make it more efficient. How should you proceed?

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As a project manager, Arnold has decided to add an additional four days to one of the tasks, if the shipment is delayed as part of the risk response activity. Adding additional time to a task is called:

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You have completed all of the project deliverables as defined within the project scope statement. As you are working to close the project, and distribute the lessons learned with the final project report, your manager assigns you to another project. Which statement is most accurate?

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It is the responsibility of the project manager and the project team to validate the project constraints and assumptions from time to time. Which of the following is not an example of a project assumption?

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Coco is managing a project with an international team in South Africa. A supplier offers her two tickets to a highprofile and very expensive sporting event. Coco’s most appropriate action is to:

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Your company is working on a new project. The company has completed similar projects successfully in the past. During which performance domain would you most consider referring to documents of similar previous projects?

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Motivating team members is an important part of project management. Jamal is managing a project consisting of many team members from various departments and divisions that do not work together. Jamal’s only recognition/reward tool is a Team Member of the Month (TMM) program. Why should Jamal consider other recognition systems beyond or in addition to TMM?

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A project manager shows you the S Curve of the Planned Values (PV) for her project. What does this curve most likely represent?

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As the schedule is being developed, the team notices that a resource is not available when the corresponding activity is scheduled. How should you, as the project manager, respond?

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A Request for Proposal (RFP) was published for a stadium project by the city government. Your company was selected as the seller for the project. Your company’s steering committee informed you that you are to be the project manager for the project. For the project to begin, the project charter requires sign-off. Who must approve the project charter?

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Your construction project was damaged by flood. Your supplier says that they cannot fulfill the terms of the contract due to an unexpected event clause, both parties had signed at the beginning of the project. This is also called:

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As project manager for a large public project, you are expected to respond to media inquiries. A reporter asks about the financial stability of your company. How should you respond?

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Team members on your project are determining some of the activities that need to be accomplished in order to meet the deliverable requirements you laid out for them. They are planning to identify all the steps in the value stream and eliminate those steps that do not add value. Which principle does this action most represent?

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You are the project manager on a new technology project. There are many risks and unknowns. You want to choose a methodology that is suitable for this type of project. Which methodology is best suited for this project?

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Your project is the physical construction of a building. You gather all of the project’s stakeholders to record requirements. Which of the following is least considered a valid requirement gathered from the stakeholder analysis?

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Impact assessments are formal, evidence-based procedures that assess any type of the economic, social, regulatory and environmental implications of policy, standard, or regulations. Following is the result of impact assessment, which helps to improve the project results, except:

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In selecting a project, which is not an economic consideration?

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Your project has just launched. You need to gather the requirements and define the scope in greater detail. Which of the following would not be considered a best practice in accomplishing this effort?

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The project manager is reviewing the responsibility Gantt Chart and Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM/RACI) report. Which statement is true regarding a RACI chart?

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Kanban is an approach for software development based on the principles of Lean processes with an emphasis on Justin- Time (JIT) delivery. Which of the following describes the Kanban process?

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Daisy wants to estimate the probability and impact of conditions that may affect achieving the project’s cost and time objectives using numerical data. What method should she use?

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