P3O-Foundation Sample 2

P3O-Foundation Sample 2

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Which is NOT included within the definition of project management?

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In a Hub connected by spokes model, which roles are responsible for ensuring the overall integrity and coherence of the portfolio?

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How does a P3O model significantly contribute to an organization’s chances of successfully delivering its strategy?

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Which would be appropriate for learning reviews.

  1. Ad-hoc after-action reviews
  2. Planned post implementation reviews
  3. Pre-project peer reviews
  4. Programme and Project Assurance

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What is the objective of the business process swim lanes technique?

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Which of the following options describes how the P3O helps the Organization deliver its strategy:

At its best, a P3O model is an integral part of ensuring that:

  1. The strategies and performance requirements of an organization are realized via projects, programmes and operational business units
  2. The organization’s business processes are clearly defined, and senior managers own and are responsible for appropriate process areas
  3. The senior management team add value as a cohesive unit and each individual is accountable
  4. An integrated set of outcomes and benefits is measured, managed, monitored, and refined to ensure that optimal investment and strategic goals are achieved

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Which activity occurs within the ‘Define’ process in the permanent P3O lifecycle?

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“Programme managers have a central point for standards and templates”, is an advantage of which underlying success factor for temporary offices?

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Which is an underlying success factor for a Virtual P3O model?

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What tool connects data in a structured hierarchy to support various business transformation projects?

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Which is provided by a P3M3 assessment when getting the investment for a P3O?

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What does NOT describe a P3O model element?

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Which is NOT a likely threat to achieving a future state Blueprint?

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Which of the following would form part of a step improvement plan for a P3O?

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Which is a functional area within a P3O model?

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What services or functions should be offered by a Center of Excellence (COE)?

  1. The standards to be applied to information management and provide appropriate tools to allow for ease of roll up of information
  2. The standard method of working (such as tailored uses of MSP, PRINCE2 and M_o_R and assure use across the portfolio
  3.  A comprehensive set of data to enable governance decisions and be resourced with the right level of expertise and competence

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What does PPM stand for?

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Which tool aids senior managers in identifying their primary challenges and the services that should be delivered through the P3O model?

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Why should the outline Vision Statement provide a clear link to an organization’s business strategy?

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What element of the Blueprint should reflect the proposed reporting requirements for the future state P3O?

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Which is a typical service offered as part of a delivery support function?

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Which of the following is an AXELOS best practice guide?

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Which of the following statements about how the P3O size is influenced by organizational factors are true?

  1. The size of the organization has little or no
  2. The strategic objectives of the organization have an

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Which of the following statements about processes for an existing temporary office are true?

  1. Defined information flows for the supported programme should be implemented
  2. Resources within the Portfolio Office should be managed

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What does a P3O Business Case identify?

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Which role is primarily responsible for the implementation of good programme and project management practice?

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What service does a Temporary Office model provide to a programme?

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Which role has a responsibility to work with the programme team to develop effective strategies for monitoring the programme?

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Which does NOT describe services delivered by the appropriate office within a P3O?

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Three ways of utilizing P3O tools are identified. Which is NOT one of those ways?

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Which non-PPM function may a P3O provide?

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Which group of stakeholders is the MOST probable to be the recipients of portfolio-level reports?

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What should balance the value a P3O will give to an organization against the constraints?

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Which P3O capability will ensure money is not wasted on expensive “just in time” resources?

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Which is NOT a reason why a P3O should measure Key Performance Indicators?

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Which of the following represents a stakeholder?

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What should a P3O define in order to align its governance with the wider organization?

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Definition activity 4 develops the P3O Blueprint. This Blueprint will consist of which of the following sections (names):

  1. Organization
  2. Processes
  3. Operational costs and performance levels
  4. Strategic Goals
  5. Tools and Technologies
  6. Information Flows

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What type of role is a Project Officer?

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Which is one of the three main concepts of Information Assurance?

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Why should recycling be done as part of implementing a temporary Project Office?

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Which approach offers the advantage of enabling ‘easier access to key information by all levels of the Organization, compared with traditional approaches of detailed policy guides and PPM handbooks’.

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Which P3O model includes permanent decentralized offices with temporary Programme Offices, as required?

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Which is NOT an activity within ‘Identify the P3O’ in the permanent P3O model lifecycle?

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How should internal resources be treated when appointed to a Project Office?

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What is the reason for creating operational business plans at the portfolio level?

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What technique ensures that a programme is objectively assessed so that the lifecycle and governance applied are fit for purpose?

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Which one of the following does not pertain to governance?

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Why should rules relating to escalation of risks be agreed in a P3O model with multiple offices?

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Which of the given options explains why does the Definition Stage of a Permanent P3O demand meticulous planning?

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Which is a strategic planning function or portfolio support function?

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Which of the organizational factors has the minimal impact on the selected P3O model?

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Which is a common barrier that needs to be overcome to implement a P3O model successfully?

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What are the duties or tasks typically assigned to a Project Officer?

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Which office triggers post-programme reviews to assess benefits?

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Which position is accountable for promoting best practices within the PPM community?

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Which describes an organization that typically adopts a Virtual P3O model successfully?

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What are the duties that should be carried out by the P3O Sponsor role?

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Which statement applies to stakeholders in the set-up of a temporary Programme Office and their needs?

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Which of the following would help an organization increase its P3M3 Maturity from level 2 to level 3?

  1. Common language Consistent definitions and usage of PPM-related terms, to avoid confusion or misrepresentation
  2. A consistent approach for training, skills and competency development, owning a corporate training strategy for PPM
  3. Guidelines and support for the tailoring of methods and standards to different scales, levels of risk and the complexity of the programme and project delivery
  4. A ‘best-in-class’ P3O appears overnight in a green-field site

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What technique provides an exception-based top-tier report with links to programme information?

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Which type of facilitated workshop is used to prioritize strategic objectives through force ranking?

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What office is part of a centralized P3O model that can be used in any size of organization?

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In what ways does a P3O model make a substantial impact on an organization’s likelihood of effectively executing its strategic initiatives?

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Which statements regarding the process of developing a balanced portfolio is FALSE?

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What is the following a definition of? (according to P3O Guidance)

‘Permanent Office set up to support the definition and delivery of a portfolio of change across the entire Organization or enterprise.’

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What technique uses communities of practice to share learning?

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Which is a true statement about P3O and COE reporting lines?

If the P3O model is to truly add value, it should…

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Which of the following statements about a distributed model are true?

  1. Staff are co-located.
  2. Team is

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Which of the following is not a part of the process when identifying the issues that a P3O must address?

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Which of the following are purposes of the Programme Specialist role?

  1. Play a proactive role in sharing
  2. Assist in implementing the best programme management
  3. Play a proactive role in promoting programme management
  4. Improve programme monitoring by collecting and maintaining data in a consistent

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Which is one of the three concepts that Information Assurance in a P3O should be based upon?

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Which role’s purpose includes the need to develop and maintain strong connections with various segments of the organization?

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Which would NOT form part of the Blueprint for a P3O?

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What does a P3O model provide to support the principle of ‘govern effectively’?

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