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PMP – Pre Assessment Test

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Which of the following is an example of risk avoidance?

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True of False? Experiments and retrospectives are valid continuous improvement tools.

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Which of the following is the first step in planning for training of team members and stakeholders?

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What is an activity?

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Which of the following best describes the difference between a lessons learned register and a lessons learned repository?

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The project team is questioning why the need for the implementation of a product continues to be the same even though there could be easier ways to implement it. What should the team do?

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The team is being formed for the project. The team is small and is representative of many skills sets. What technique would help them define the values and operating guidelines?

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Which type of cost estimate is based on high-level historical data and is generally made early in the project?

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Which of the following is an example of risk avoidance?

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In which type of organizational structure is the project manager’s authority lower relative to the departmental managers?

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Which of the following is a tool that teams can use to improve collaboration and promote visibility?

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The manager of a department has been informed that he is to be the product owner for your project. What is the best way to transition his role?

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Which one below is the right Project Success Criteria ?

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What is the first step to initiate the project change process?

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Project Team is answerable to whom?

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Risk Management needs to be performed

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What is the main input to create a project schedule?

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Is project management a specialized stream which is only performed by trained professionals?

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What does PMO stand for?

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What is the difference between risk and an issue?

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Project reporting is done

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Which of the below is a valid Risk strategy?

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Project Plan cannot have a reset of baseline

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Project reporting should be communicated formally and informally based on a stakeholder matrix?

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Which phase of the project is the communication plan created?

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What is the phase a team goes through prior to performing?

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A change request has been requested by a senior stakeholder to add a new reporting function to the current financial software development project. The change was assessed by the project team and approved by the sponsor. What process should the project manager do next?

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The project has managed to build about half of the deliverables needed to complete the project. The project has spent $50,000 on materials and labor. This money that has already been spent is generally referred to as what?

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One of the customers would like to add a new component to the project that would likely increase the functionality of the software. What steps should the customer take when adding this new component on an Agile project?

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While working on a project, the project team has encountered a problem that has halted the project work. The team is unable to come up with a solution and would like to have an outside company come in and finish the rest of the project. What should the project team do next?

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While planning the risk responses for a construction project, the project manager and project team have decided they will have to choose a new electrical contractor due to the fact that the recommended contractor has legal issues with the local building department. The legal issues could cause the project to be delayed. What risk response does this represent?

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Which of the following is not a principle of agile planning?

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While attempting to determine the schedule for the project, the project manager has been informed from the team that each line of code will take about 15-45 minutes to write and debug. There will be about 1 million lines of code in the application. What schedule-estimating technique best describes this estimate?

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The project team has finished 60% of the deliverables when management informs the project manager that the project will be canceled immediately and the team will be reassigned to work on a new project that management feels is more important. What should the project manager do right away?

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Managing a project can be a very complex task that involves identifying and managing all the stakeholders on the project. The project manager spends 90% of their time doing what important task?

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The project manager is currently assigning costs to each individual activity on the project. A team member has informed the project manager that he should include additional cost just in case the software will need more testing. What best describes this additional cost?

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Your company has just started a project to allow remote workers to join the network using a virtual private network (VPN). During the execution of the project, one of the VPN servers completely fails, and the team will need to replace it as soon as possible. Fortunately, the project team anticipated that this might happen and has a plan for replacing the server. What should the project manager do next?

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A project manager is having a very difficult time negotiating with a functional manager. The project manager would like to have Peter, the system administrator, work on the project full time, but the functional manager needs Peter full time to work on the servers throughout the day in case one goes down. After a few days of negotiating, the project manager has determined that he will have Peter from Monday to Wednesday, and the functional manager can have Peter on Thursday and Friday. Although this solution is not the most ideal scenario for the project manager and functional manager, it will have to work for now. What conflict resolution technique was used?

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When using different prioritization technique what is the most important aspect that the agile project manager should communicate to the customers?

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Mark is currently working on the workstation upgrade project. He has noticed there are three activities on the critical path, which are activity A, C, and D. Activity B has a slack of 2 and a duration of 4 days. Activity C has a duration of 3 days, and activity D has a duration of 6 days. What is the slack on activity A?

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While working with the project team and conducting a brainstorming session, the project manager noticed that a lot of the ideas the team was coming up with were not organized. What tool can best be used by the team to visually organize their ideas?

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The product owner has informed the project manager that all items in the product backlog are valuable and they should all get done. How should the agile project manager respond?

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While managing a datacenter project, a few customers requested a feature be added to the project that will enhance the security system in the datacenter. The change was submitted to the change control board and was denied due to the high cost of the security system. A few months later another customer submitted the same change back to the project manager. What is the best step the project manager can take in this scenario?

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The project manager is working on a new electrical wiring upgrade project for the entire office. Due to safety issues, the project manager cannot move forward with many parts of the project without inspections and permits from the local Buildings Department. Most permits take approximately 6 weeks to get. Where would the project manager document the opportunity the project should take if a permit comes within 2 weeks instead of the 6 weeks?

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The project team has just started to code the redesigned accounting application when a key stakeholder asks for the application in order to include a very specific report to the company’s expenses. The stakeholder has submitted a change request to the project manager. What would be the most important input to consider for this change request?

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The project manager is working on a project for which the scope, time, and cost are known during the early parts of the project planning. What life cycle will the project manager consider on this project?

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While monitoring a large construction project, the project manager has calculated the SPI of the project to be 1.2. A contractor has informed the project manager that a delivery will be 1 week late. The 1-week delay is 10% of the project schedule. What would mostly likely happen to this project?

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While working on a tablet redesign project for large technology company, the project manager received a change request from a key stakeholder. The change request would change the position of the power button from the top to the side of the tablet. After an assessment of the change, the change control board declined the change due to concerns about redesigning the motherboard. What should the project manager do next?

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