MSP Foundation Flash Cards

Free Managing successful Programmes (MSP) Foundation flash cards which assist you in remembering key terms in relation to the exam preparation. Key terminologies are hard to remember, these flash cards are handy to prepare yourself prior the exams. Keep using them till you are 100% confident over the key concepts.

3 baselines for programme information

1. Boundary - direct & scope of programme 2. Governance - standards & frameworks 3. Management - used to manage delivery of the programme

3rd Governance Theme?

Leadership and stakeholder engagement

4 validation tests for a benefit (DOAM)

Description, Observable outcomes, Attribution, Measurement

4th Governance Theme?

Benefits Management

4th Principle of MSP

focus on benefits and threat to them

6th Governance Theme?

Planning and control

7 Principles

1. Remaining aligned with corporate strategy 2. Leading change 3. Envisioning and communicating a better future 4. Focusing on the benefits and threats to them 5. Adding value 6. Designing and delivering a coherent capability 7. Learning from experience

7th Governance Theme?

The business case

8th Governance Theme? - 4 steps

Risk and issue management

9 Governance Themes

1. Programme organization 2. Vision 3. Leadership and stakeholder engagement 4. Benefits management 5. Blueprint design and delivery 6. Planning and control 7. The business case 8. Risk and issue management 9. Quality and assurance management

9th Governance Theme?

Quality and assurance management

A new operational state acheived after transition of the capability into live operations


A stakeholder is... ?

Any individual, group or organization that can affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by, a programme

A vision is a picture of a _____________________

better future.

Advice and guidance on roles and responsibilities within the programme team is done by

Programme Office

Core MSP principles

leading change, align to corporate strategy, envsioning and communicating the future, focus on benefits and threat to them, learning from experience, designing and deliverying a coherent capability, adding value

Definition of a benefit

The measurable improvement resulting from an outcome perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders, which contributes towards one or more organizational objectives

First 4 Governance Themes

Programme Organization, Vision, Stakeholder Engagement, Benefit Management

first theme of MSP Governance

Organization structure

Focused on the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ is management or leadership


Issue Management Cycle - 5 steps

1. Capture 2. Examine 3. Propose course of action 4. Decide 5. Implement

Last 5 Governance Themes

Blueprint design and delivery, Planning and Control, Business Case, Risk and Issue Management, Quality and Assurance Management


Processes and Policies, Organization, Technology and Infrastructure and Management Information

Programme Management aligns 3 critical organizational elements

1. Corporate strategy 2. Delivery mechanisms for change 3. Business-as-usual environment

Quality (definition)

The totality of features and inherent or assigned characteristics of a product, person, process, service and/or system that bears on its ability to show that it meets expectations or stated needs, requirements or specification

Risk Management Cycle - 4 steps

1. Identify 2, Assess 3. Plan 4. Implement

Scope of Programme Quality (8 areas)

1. Communications management 2. Supply Chain management 3.Standards management 4. Process management 5. Information management 6. Asset management 7. Programme leadership 8.People management

SRO has access to and credibility with key stakeholders. (T/F)


Successful programme organization requires (3 things)?

1. Defined Roles 2. Clear Accountabilities and Responsibilities for each role 3. Management Structures and Reporting arrangements

The Blueprint is...?

A model of the future organization, its working practices and processes, the information it requires and the technology that supports its operations

The characteristics of the MSP principles are

Universal Self-validating Empowering

The programme brief defines...

The outline vision, expected benefits, estimates of costs, timescales and risks

The programme brief is created during...

Identifying a Programme

The programme plan is developed during...

Defining a Programme

The vision statement is... ?

The outward-facing description of the future state following programme delivery

Transformation flow process that has lessons learned

closing the program

types of programmes

vision led, emergent, compliance

What is programme management?

The action of carrying out the coordinated organization, direction and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities to achieve outcomes and realize benefits of strategic importance to the business

When the work on the vision statement should begin

Program Mandate confirmed and SRO appointed

Which phase confirms the program mandate?

Identifying the program

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