What do you mean by information managment?

Which of these statements about project life cycles is/are correct? 1. Different industries have different life cycles 2. All projects have a life cycle 3. The project and product life cycles are the same 4. Some phases can be split into sub phases if required


What does a Project Support office do?

To whom project team is PRIMARILY accountable?

Which BEST describes the content of a Sponsor/Client's Business Case?

Which of the following statements about the role of project sponsor is FALSE?

Which one of the following is LEAST likely to be a success criteria?

What diagram shows the total resource requirement per time unit (day/week)?

Following which of the project's require risk management?

When a product is approved it leads to which configuration management activity

What does portfolio management adjust about projects

Configuration management should be linked with what in project management

Once a change has been requested what is the next step in the change control process?

Which isnt a key performance area for a project

Which of the following best describes project sucess criteria

What is the purpose of issue register/Log

Project management

Procurement Strategy is written in

Risk Management should be done in

Communication plan identifies the information that should be communicated to

With inaccurate estimations there will be

To develop effective communication project manager must

Who owns the project management plan

A project management plan should include