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Digital Transformation of Management Operations in Qatar National Bank

Rakesh Rakesh

Problem Statement

In the digital era where almost everything is going through digital transformation, we can say nothing surprises more than being outdated. Qatar National Bank (QNB) surprised us the most with their banking management system. The most renowned and trustworthy ecosystem like QNB was managing its banking system using many traditional techniques for management. While they do get the job done, there is a space for improvement.

Traditionally, many salaried human employees would be required doing manual work which ultimately results in a higher number of employees, time-consuming tasks, human errors, and dependency factors.

We are tasked with the digital transformation of QNB’s operations to get it up to speed with present trends and ensure the most effective and efficient usage of resources.

Overview of Qatar National Bank

Started almost 6.5 decades ago, Qatar National Bank indeed has a large history. QNB has been providing many banking and finance services to individuals and corporations since its formation. They can offer in depth insights that will help in improving business and profits.

They provide Treasury and Investment Solutions, Relationship Management, Credit Facilities and much more. Other than that, they will provide all the general services that you expect a bank to provide: Current and Deposit Accounts, Global transactions and more. 

Our client has engaged with Atlassian products a year back to manage their software development and support team, with a lack of Atlassian products the team is not able to use the Agile framework implementation as per the Atlassian best parties.


So, we have analyzed their situation and we identified the core problem as a lack of technical literacy and extended the support accordingly. The first thing we need to do is to apply digital transformation for their entire management ecosystem, employ the most efficient management practices, train their people with Agile Methodologies and provide them with the right tools.

Through conversation with our Atlassian consultant and Solutions Architects, we agreed to implement the Age line framework in a 3 weeks time frame with the Atlassian best parties for 2 projects. Provided training to Project Management Team and Scrum managers to manage Scrum and Kanban boards to manage their projects efficiently.

We implemented following marketplace plugins:

  1. Implemented BigPicture
       ○ plan and manage your initiatives,
       ○ lead teams and set priorities,
       ○ supervise performance and track progress,
       ○ coordinate resources and distribute workloads,
       ○ detect and respond to risks, and much more
  2. Implemented ScriptRunner in Jira environment
  3. Implemented Tempo Timesheets – Time Tracking & Reports
    ○ Embedded Time Tracking Saves Time via Automation
    ○ Create Automated Reports Based on Reliable Data
    ○ Make Fact-Based Decisions

What we Analysed?

We took a deep dive into their corporate workings and have thoroughly undergone through all of their management practices. While they are achieving what they wanted in the end, we identified numerous problems that are increasing the costs for them and making their employees do a lot of manual work.

Here’s what we have analyzed in a nutshell:

  1. They are following a crude form of planning involving manual collection of information and planning.
  2. They are assigning tasks and tracking progress through traditional run of the mill ways which would slow things down a bit and involve huge manual work.
  3. Project Progress and estimates are also being tracked similarly.
  4. Changes to issues are managed manually through spreadsheets and rely on manual communication of information to the concerned individuals/team and many more practices in which they use word documents, spreadsheets to manually track information and manage any undertaking they have.

How did we figure out the right technology?

Right technology is nothing but that solves the current problems with full effectiveness and efficiency while leaving room for improvements that would be needed in future. So, while brainstorming the right technology for our client’s problems, we decided to have a flexible solution that would cover all the client’s problems and accommodate any future changes too. As much of the problems here are related to project management, our natural foray would be the JIRA Software.

Jira Software

Jira is highly configurable and flexible to allow for usage in a wide variety of environments and processes. The Jira workflows, issue types, and screens enable tailoring for almost any scenario and can easily be changed via the administration GUI.

Atlassian developed this software and it works on a kanban board system.

What problems can JIRA solve?

Jira provides an easy to grasp and effective way for project management using the central concept of issues.

JIRA can help in:

  1.  Easily implementing agile methodology by using kanban boards
  2.   Creation of multiple issues, assigning them to the right people and keeping all the required information in a single place which can be dynamic.
  3.  Fully customizable issue, in which one can add almost any kind of information plus providing relevant tags.
  4.  Highly functional search mechanism, which lets its users efficiently filter through various issues in Jira. They even have their own Query language for advanced searches which can be stored as unique filters.
  5.  Maintain confidentiality by letting its administrators provide granular access to information to users.

Basically, JIRA helps in efficient management of almost any project and lets the team follow and implement agile methodology.

Now, while JIRA is very powerful, it can’t provide every needed feature. This is where its extensibility comes into the picture. There are lots of plugins we can use with JIRA which can enhance the JIRA and make it more powerful.

These are some of the features JIRA does not give out of the box efficiently:

Gantt Charts, Cross portfolio work, Supervision and some more advanced project management methods.

For these issues, we have decided to use Big Picture. Big Picture provides all of these features and also provides an easy way for creating SaFe compliant Roadmaps and more efficiency in planning, leading teams, and setting priorities.

Technology Deployment

Once we choose the right technology, we then work on deploying and configuring the technology to be suitable to the client’s needs. QNB has its own data centers which it uses for multiple purposes. We deployed the JIRA software to their own data centres and made it accessible to all the required people.


Post implementing the Atlassian best parties for the initial 2 projects with our atlassian experts results drive in the process and solutions. We implemented our Atlassian Administration Consultant for 12 months to onboard on-site in QNB the rest of the projects and follow the best parties for the remaining projects too.


As a result of implementing JIRA for project management we were able to achieve:

High Efficiency: QNB was able to complete more work in less time without much manual work.

High Security: With granular access and robust security of data, QNB’s data is now more secure and safe from the hands of malicious actors.

Ease of Access of Information: With the power of JIRA and Marketplace Plugins, information is now easily accessible from their huge collection of data.

Productive and Happy Employees: With a heavy load of manual work lifted off their shoulders, employees are more productive and happy.

Reduced Cost: Finally, With such automation and improved efficiency, QNB was able to significantly cut costs and increase profit.



We analyzed all of their operations and implemented JIRA along with Big Picture that has improved the efficiency of their operations

Post implementation, we are providing additional support services and regular pentesting so that their infrastructure is ever evolving as per the current demands of the time.

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Digital assets, a boon for mankind. Opt for better services.

Rakesh Rakesh

Problem Statement

To enrich sports culture is usually a good idea to promote. Sport is an important aspect that can add success to your name. An activity that can represent you in their subsequent progress. Recently as announced by Qatar, in the year 2022, Qatar will experience and celebrate the best of FIFA. And the MOI (Ministry of interior) will get hand in hand to help Qatar with the technical support. This involves programs, projects, and portfolios.

It is quite a part of honor that Qatar has initiated Fifa’s world cup contest. And to promote it more ethically the MOI with its technical ideology will boast the gaming approach. Here are the more problems that Qatar is facing, lack communication connection, lack of teamwork, and list use of technical devices. And to get an easy service, the MOI has bought up a smart way to deal with the queries.

Overview of Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior came into existence in the late 1970, MOI added its significance in managing the functions of the ministries and other government organizations in Qatar.

The State of Qatar is witnessing developments under the competent leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its department, MOI and department are striving to maintain security and stability to meet the needs of the country’s comprehensive renaissance and development.

The work done by the Ministry of Interior has played a major role in the development of Qatar. As of now, MOI is working in maintaining the peace and security of the nation. The alliance of the police acts as a guard in safeguarding national security.

The development is quite necessary for strengthening the safety and security of the nation. All such is backed with efforts taken by the Ministry of Interior. MOI is taking a big initiative to curb crime in the country

Due to the great efforts of the Ministry of Interior, it has become remarkable in achieving great growth in the digital sector. With the help of advanced technology, time is well managed with error-free access, all such opportunities have been made possible by the great efforts made by MOI. The work has become smarter due to the technical assistance provided by the Ministry of Interior


As you know every problem is bound with a solution, likewise here the traditional method has got the opportunity to get in collaboration with the digital aspect. Be the change and welcome the new form of technology by approaching it for good purpose.

It is the most preferred software and has many beneficial services. Smart services can help you, as it reduces human workload. Get connected with it and front word the way.

The updated form of technology tends to fix the traditional problems with a smart solution. You just need a proper perspective, before choosing it. Here are proper ways that you need to analyze before you opt for it.

How did we figure out the right technology?

While preferring anything, you need to choose for the true opportunity. By overcoming the traditional drawbacks, we introduced new methods. Every time the viewpoint was to reduce the human workload with such intention the technology continued with the evolution.

Do check out the reviews, make sure that they will solve your problems, check the security, and essential.

The purpose is to shift the human working with the smart ideology. While figuring out the various applications we got into Jira software. All the expectations got the right direction and the queries got a perfect solution.

Jira software.

Here is a short description of how Jira software can help you. Initially, it was difficult and time-consuming for Qatar to manage the event. But here with the help of Jira software, it is straightforward to manage.

When you plan to organize an event, aspects like communication connection, the exact location of the particular events, displaying on a big screen, upholding coordination, maintaining the balance, ethical cooperation, are necessary. And the Jira software is composed of all these aspects.

Agile boards help your team send incredible things, including boards from scrums designed to fit into your agile framework. Also, you need to opt for the workflow engine and script Runner and soon initiate your work with it, to get a better service.

From all the above description is it clear that Jira software can help you out in every situation. Replace your traditional services with the digital way and cherish your moments.

Here is the solution your way, Jira software. A collection of several smart services with beneficial use. With its impressive features, the rating, the Jira software is largely used.


By adopting smart technology, it will always be in the form of blessing. As it can replace human workload with its smart service. Many benefits are boons of mankind. Smart technology provides you with comfort, sustainability, security, efficiency, saves money as well as time. It is difficult for human nature to accept all the above-mentioned things and act. It would be uncomplicated and smart of course if you get connected with the smart services.

Final words

By all the above statements it is clear that smart services are always better to opt for. With the help of these smart services, Qatar can experience better moments. When the event is being organized, all you need is a well-balanced arrangement, and herewith Jira software and smart technologies. It would be smart thinking to invest in digital assets.

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A digital solution to unlock your queries, switch to smart technology and adapt to a great change.

Rakesh Rakesh

Problem Statement

As the digital evolution continues, the mindset of businesses is changing and they are not gearing up to adapt and implement new technologies in their businesses.. “The Group” in Qatar is a leading online trading platform that is already in this flow of digital transformation. In order to improve the shortcomings in traditional style of management, they have become so fat involved in Atlassian products like JIRA. This improvement in management style will help the Group to improve its resource planning and its effective performance, and ultimately make the services better.

It is a clear fact that the traditional way involves more human involvement. This is because you need more human effort to complete the task and also there can be more human intervention in the calculation as the complications turn the confusion to the extreme level. All these create a frustrated mind into the action of failure. You can reduce the stress of employees by adapting the digital transformation to avoid repetitive missteps.

Opting for digital assets will make your way and access easier. Here with digital tools you need not pop up out of the window as the inner window provides more satisfying information. It allows the traders to continue trading with one-click access, which adds relief and frees the time for another work.

Overview of The Group

The time for another work.

The Group, a collaboration of hands that aim for achievements and to prosper together. The Group adds its significance in being one of the most leading online trading platforms, just situated in Qatar. Almost 11 thousand trades have been successfully passed and this is a great achievement. The number of the total companies listed in The Group goes to 49 and shows a gradual rise in number.

The Group Offers the trader a good opportunity to get involved in trading. All the traders are highly experienced with the knowledge of trading and execute their knowledge in buying and selling the shares in a smart manner. The company listed up here offers shares at expected price length all the company showcases different criteria.


The smart solution gives a better outcome every day. It is a need of time to approach modern ethics, that is a digital solution.

The query was sorted out and the solution was developed by having a conversation with the Atlassian team of consultants and solution architects. While interacting with our Atlassian consultants and solutions architects, we added a confirmation, over a period of 2 weeks we will undertake the Agile Framework with Atlassian Best Parties for some of the Marketplace plugins we have suggested. In addition, we trained Project Management Teams and Project Owners to run projects more efficiently and effectively than previously. With the help of training, the trader gets more attentive and acts in a more desirable form. Training also helps in decision-making power.

Know more about people’s choices and act accordingly. Study the demand of the people around you and furnish adequate service. While offering the services, you need to get into a few aspects. And the tips are listed below.

Take out a short time and fix the missteps by isolating a few aspects. All these smart tips will improve the potential of the team. And there will be a new outcome sprouting of the seed.
And here we go with a few tactics that will guide you. Be a part of digital change and adapt to it.

Tempo planner

  1.  Make a new space by clearing the unwanted data in the calendar and spreadsheets. So that you can get enough space for the important sheets.
  2.  Scheduling and figuring out the work, planning is a crucial aspect that heals the past errors and transforms into a new beginning.
  3.  As a conversation is a stepping stone that leads to a progressive start. Also, the conversation brings in an exchange of ideas and this collaboration of ideas gives a rise to a new beginning.
  4.  Add a brief note over the points like commitments, plans, and status, these three principles will maintain the equilibrium.
  5.  Stay with the updates in every corner of trading, and adapt to the change

Implemented Big-Picture

  1. Work as per proverb- “Plan your work, work your plan”
  2. True guidance and supervision skills will help the team achieve the set goals more effectively.
  3. Balanced coordination is necessary, as it softens the work harmony. Also if you have good management of workload, it will be easy to handle the work.
  4. Balance your work, and execute a stress-free environment this will generate a good outcome every time.

Implemented Tempo Timesheets

  1.  Get connected with automation, to reduce the human workload, and also it will save you many factors. 
  2.  Make your decision power stronger, as it will help you to strengthen the height of your academic performance.
  3.  Frame the work pattern in a systematic manner. Use a few applications that will help you to make a plan in an accurate way.
  4.  Keep every detailed record of your work. And do check it out.

PMOBytes support Services

All these tactics brought a great change in the old process. If the ideas by the experts are well demonstrated the work gets a good direction. Good support of digitalization brings a smart and remarkable transformation in undertaking IItsatoday’sneed to get well adopted as per the modification.

Final words

Traditional trading is the skill, but a collaboration of smart work can level up the performance. Above were the few tactics that will bring a new change.

For a healthier development, you need to consult experts so that their work experience can lead your way. Analyze and implement these steps for better results.

All the above-mentioned solutions have brought a smart change in the work method and you can deliberately view the difference between traditional and modified methods.

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