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Digital Transformation of Management Operations in Banking Industry

Digital Transformation of Management Operations in Banking Industry

Problem Statement

Our client being one of the biggest bank in Qatar had a high demand for digital transformation from the internal units.  They were seeking an enhanced way for managing their projects with Agile practices. They explored many tools with Agile capabilities but were struggling to find the right enablement of traditional waterfall method with Agile practices in a single tool. They wanted a tool which could easily transform their existing project processes towards Agile way of working and not distract the current business operations and existing development work.  


The Bank approached PMObytes for demo on Jira Software for Agile Scrum Framework enablement in their development process. We analysed their situation and identified their needs to have a smooth transition with an effective result. The approach we decided was to implement Jira software in phases and apply two initial projects with the desired methodology. 

Through conversation with our Atlassian consultant and Solutions Architects, we agreed to implement the Agile framework in overall 3 weeks time frame with implementing the Atlassian best practices for at least two projects. We also decided to provide training to the Project Management Team and Scrum managers to manage Scrum and Kanban boards to manage their projects efficiently.

To further smoothen this transition and enable a hybrid environment merging the classical and new way of working. We implemented the following marketplace plugins:

  1. Implemented BigPicture
       ○ Plan and manage your initiatives,
       ○ Lead teams and set priorities,
       ○ Supervise performance and track progress,
       ○ Coordinate resources and distribute workloads,
       ○ Detect and respond to risks, and much more
  2. Implemented ScriptRunner in Jira environment
  3. Implemented Tempo Timesheets – Time Tracking & Reports
    ○ Embedded Time Tracking Saves Time via Automation
    ○ Create Automated Reports Based on Reliable Data
    ○ Make Fact-Based Decisions

What we Analysed?

We took a deep dive into their corporate workings and have thoroughly gone through all of their management practices. While they are achieving what they wanted in the end, we identified numerous problems that are increasing the costs for them and making their employees do a lot of manual work.

Here’s what we have analysed in a nutshell:

  1. Project planning was tedious and was involving manual collection of information from many stakeholders.
  2. Assignment of tasks and tracking progress were slowing things down and even involved some manual work.
  3. Project Progress and estimates are also being tracked similarly.
  4. Changes to issues were managed manually through done on spreadsheets.

How did we figure out the right technology?

Right technology is nothing but that solves the current problems with full effectiveness and efficiency. So, while brainstorming the right technology for our client’s problems, we decided to have a flexible solution that would cover all the client’s problems and accommodate any future changes too. As much of the problems here are related to project management, our natural foray would be the JIRA Software.

Jira Software

Jira is highly configurable and flexible to allow for usage in a wide variety of environments and processes. The Jira workflows, issue types, and screens enable tailoring for almost any scenario and can easily be changed via the administration GUI.

Atlassian developed this software and it works on a Kanban board system and supports by default SCRUM Framework to enable Agile Practices.

What problems can JIRA solve?

Jira provides an easy to grasp and effective way for project management using the central concept of issues.

JIRA can help in:

  1.  Easily implementing agile methodology by using Kanban and SCRUM boards
  2.   Creation of multiple issues, assigning them to the right people and keeping all the required information in a single place which can be dynamic.
  3.  Fully customizable issue, in which one can add almost any kind of information plus providing relevant tags.
  4.  Highly functional search mechanism, which lets its users efficiently filter through various issues in Jira. They even have their own Query language for advanced searches which can be stored as unique filters.
  5.  Maintain confidentiality by letting its administrators provide granular access to information to users.

Basically, JIRA helps in efficient management of almost any project and lets the team follow and implement agile methodology.

Now, while JIRA is very powerful, it can’t provide every needed feature. This is where its extensibility comes into the picture. There are lots of plugins we can use with JIRA which can enhance the JIRA and make it more powerful.

These are some of the features JIRA does not give out of the box efficiently:

Gantt Charts, Cross portfolio work, Supervision and some more advanced project management methods.

For these issues, we have decided to use Big Picture. Big Picture provides all of these features and also provides an easy way for creating safe compliant Roadmaps and more efficiency in planning, leading teams, and setting priorities.

Technology Deployment

Once we choose the right technology, we then work on deploying and configuring the technology to be suitable to the client’s needs. The Bank has its own data centers which it uses for multiple purposes. We deployed the JIRA software to their own data centres and made it accessible to all the required people.


Post implementing the Atlassian best practices for the initial 2 projects with our Atlassian experts. The results drove tremendous efficiencies in the existing business processes and solutions. We then deployed our Atlassian Administration Consultant onsite for 12 months to onboard rest of business projects and follow the best practices for all the remaining projects.


As a result of implementing JIRA for project management we were able to achieve:

High Efficiency: The Bank was able to complete more work in less time without much manual work.

High Security: With granular access and robust security of data, Bank’s data is now more secure and safe from malicious threats.

Ease of Access of Information: With the power of JIRA and Marketplace Plugins, information is now easily accessible from their huge collection of data.

Productive and Happy Employees: With a heavy load of manual work lifted off their shoulders, employees are more productive and happy.

Reduced Cost: Finally, With such automation and improved efficiency, Bank was able to significantly cut costs and increase profit.



We analysed all of their operations and implemented JIRA along with Big Picture that has improved the efficiency of their operations

Post implementation, we are providing additional support services and regular reviews so that their project environment is ever evolving with the current demands of the time.

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Atlassian Product Implementation in Government Entity Case Study

Problem Statement

Government Entities had a huge pressure to have all FIFA related projects delivered and completed on time. Our Client being one of the biggest Government entities had the similar pressure and were seeking a solution to organize all their FIFA related portfolios, programs, projects in a central location where all dependencies are tracked for efficient completion through simple management dashboards. 

The Ministry was in search of a professional services provider to access their current Atlassian products and guide them on best practices for optimal configuration, as well as best practices for IT and SDLC processes. 


To address these concerns and to advise our client on next steps, we proposed a four-weeks POC(Proof of Concept). We took into consideration the Atlassian Stack, which the client utilized and owned, to determine a holistic approach and build a complete value proposition to achieve the requirements. 

We provided a process assessment examining not only Jira Software, but Jira Service Management, BigPicture Plugin and Asset Management capabilities as well as the additional data provided by other systems to help establish best practices. We presented recommendations that, if implemented, will improve overall management dashboard capabilities regarding Portfolio, Programs and Projects.

We also presented importing MS Project existing client based schedules in a Jira Software online Gantt format to track critical timelines to have the projects completed on-time.

How did we figure out the right technology?

The Ministry was given hands-on training and access to the Proof of Concept to ensure the related solution is the right technology stack for them. We worked together for 4 weeks post the solution configuration to demo the management dashboard capabilities to multiple stakeholders. 

From the feedbacks, the system was further configured for additional fields, workflow, scripts to ensure all business requirements were successfully implemented.

Jira software.

Here is a short description of how Jira software and service management was helpful in the success of the Proof of concept. Jira software out of the box was able to quickly organize all client projects in a simple manner with configurable dashboards. Dashboards were configured on the instantly based for the client feedbacks. 


Jira Service Management organized all the support tickets and seamlessly integrated with Jira software to provide the users single access to both functions. 

Agile boards from Jira Software further helped the teams gain visibility and enhanced collaboration.  Also, the workflow engine and Script Runner assisted in getting business processes aligned to the solution for a  better service. 


With our analysis and recommendations, our client is ready to more efficiently utilize their Atlassian applications to automate and accelerate processes across their company. By configuring the software to reflect their workflow and leveraging additional add-ons and training, our client gains the tools necessary to increase throughput and see an exponential return on their technology investment. 

Working with us on the POC, our client got not only the roadmap, but also the validation they needed to standardize their Atlassian processes in a sustainable, measurable, and profitable way. Client gained the required visibility into their projects, programs and portfolios in an effective manner.

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Team workload optimization for a client in Qatar Stock Exchange industry

Team workload optimization for a client in Stock Exchange industry

Problem Statement

Our client is one of the leading online trading platform established for more than 5 years part of the stock exchange brokerage management in Qatar.  They were seeking to improve the shortcomings in traditional style of IT Software Development life cycle (SLDC) management and also to achieve optimum team workload utilization. They had already implemented Atlassian products like JIRA software but were seeking further consultancy to improve their resource management and their employees performance rewarding system. 

It was a clear fact that the traditional way involved more human involvement to assign and calculate overall team performances. The team workload wasn’t balanced and client was lacking an automated rewarding system for the high performers. They wanted the system to measure the work performance and then managers are able to validate the developers efforts in terms of number of issues resolved and enhancement worked during a particular period to reward them.


Our Atlassian team got involved with a number of sessions to understand and optimize the work process first. Each developer’s capacity was analysed based on the work load to find the right balance for an appropriate utilization. 

Automated system scripts were discussed to define a logic for a reward system based on better team performance.  

Atlassian team of consultants and solution architects undertook the Agile Framework with Atlassian Best Practices with some of the Marketplace plugins to formulate the overall solution. In addition, we also trained Project Management Teams and Project Owners to run projects more efficiently and effectively than previously. 


With the current stack of Atlassian products, it was discovered that more plug-ins were required to get the resource management from a manual to an automated way that is integrated with the work processes. Team implemented plug-ins like Tempo planner, Big-Picture and Tempo Timesheets to enable better resource optimization and team rewarding system.  

Tempo planner

  1. Helped in identifying capacity problems early in the planning process.
  2.  Assisted in accessing a snapshot of all resources’ statuses, plans, commitments.
  3.  Streamlined communication via centralized workspace.
  4. Allocated resources for high-impact initiatives while ensuring workloads are balanced and realistic.

Implemented Big-Picture

  1.  Identified interdependencies to smartly allocate resources, and automate laborious tasks
  2. Analysed the availability of the resources (teams and skills) 
  3. Assigned and scheduled particular tasks, and update capacities automatically.

Implemented Tempo Timesheets

  1.  Tempo’s embedded time tracking and planning solutions in Jira provided the insights client needed for planning, allocating and adjusting their team resources.
  2. Resource Planning views were generated to quickly see the current and future state of all projects and resources
  3. Enabled the client’s manager to review and approve their team’s timesheets, in bulk or individually.

PMOBytes support Services

The plug-ins were further optimized with the support services to ensure the rewarding logic was integrated and automated for the client’s management team. Post the implementation, stabilization period of three months was defined to regularly review the entire was working as expected and all defined problems were effectively resolved.

Final words

Implementation was a great success with client fully satisfied with our team’s consultancy. It gave them great benefits from the solution implemented that enhanced overall client’s team performance. It also provided them an efficient way to manage the developers to deliver the company’s business applications faster with maximum value.

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